Don't Get Caught Without These Essential Packing Supplies: A Guide to Gathering the Right Materials for Self-Storage

Published on 1/7/2023

Don't Get Caught Without These Essential Packing Supplies: A Guide to Gathering the Right Materials for Self-Storage

Gathering the right materials is an essential first step in preparing for self-storage. Without the proper supplies, you may end up with damaged or disorganized belongings, or even find that you don't have enough room in your storage unit.

First, let's start with a list of necessary packing supplies. These are items that you'll need no matter what you're storing or how much of it you have:

  • Boxes: It's best to use sturdy, corrugated boxes for most of your belongings. You can find these at a moving supply store or a self-storage facility. Avoid using boxes that are too large, as they may be too heavy to lift when they're full. It's also a good idea to have a variety of box sizes on hand to accommodate different types of items.
  • Bubble wrap: This is essential for protecting fragile items during transport and storage. You can use bubble wrap to cushion items inside boxes, or wrap it around items that are too large to fit in a box.
  • Packing tape: You'll need plenty of packing tape to seal up your boxes and keep them closed during transport. Make sure to use a strong, high-quality tape to prevent your boxes from coming open.
  • Markers: You'll want to label all of your boxes with their contents and the room they belong in. This will help you stay organized and find items easily when you need them.

In addition to these basic supplies, you may also need some specialty items depending on what you're storing. For example, if you're storing clothing, you may want to invest in wardrobe boxes, which have a built-in bar for hanging items. If you're storing a mattress, you may want to purchase a mattress bag to protect it from dirt and moisture.

Now that you have a list of necessary packing supplies, you may be wondering where to find them. Here are some tips for finding cheap or recycled packing materials:

  • Check out your local thrift store or garage sale: You may be able to find gently used boxes and other packing supplies at a fraction of the cost of new items.
  • Ask around: You may be surprised at how many people have spare boxes or packing materials that they're willing to give away. Try asking friends, family, or neighbors if they have any extra 
  • Visit your local grocery store or liquor store: These businesses often have a steady supply of boxes that they're happy to give away. Just be sure to call ahead and ask if they have any available.
  • Look for moving box exchanges or freecycling groups: These online communities allow people to give away or trade their unused moving boxes and supplies.

By gathering the right materials and being resourceful, you can save money and reduce waste as you prepare for self-storage. Just be sure to have enough boxes and other supplies on hand to properly pack and protect your belongings.

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